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CND Shellac Nails


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You have things to do…

Your nails shouldn’t hold you back. CND Shellac gives you the freedom to live your busy life.

  • The Original Power Polish, CND Shellac combines the ease of polish with incomparable high-gloss shine and extended 14-day wear.
  • ZERO dry time – means there’s no need to wait to grab your keys at the end of your service.
  • No Nail damage, because there are no drills or nail surface filing required.
  • Easy on and easy off in just 10 minutes with safe, gentle CND Shellac Remover Wraps.

 CND™ Shellac nails are a hybrid nail, incorporating the best of two worlds, nail polish and gel nail polish.

The thing that makes shellac nails so exciting is that they have been designed to be super strong so that they do not chip while remaining thin. Shellac nails are applied the same way nail polish is but is cured the same way gel nail polish is (with a UV light). This means that shellac nails last longer, have greater flexibility, durability and a gloss finish like gel nails making the super attractive.

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The major benefits of Shellac nails are that once they are cured under the UV light, they are completely hardened meaning you don’t have to worry about using your nails afterwards.

Shellac nails are also designed not to damage your natural nail, making them a popular choice amongst Sam’s Beauty Room clients.

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Shellac Colour Chart